23 MARCH 2017

Vote Labour in the City for fairer, more accountable governance 


Why vote Labour? Because we stand for:


Building and maintaining affordable homes

A vote for Labour is a vote to pressure the Corporation to:

  • Require developers to provide on site affordable housing – especially for Bernard Morgan House on Golden Lane

  • Expedite investing the £39 million it has and the extra £20 million it will have by 2020 in new social rented homes for key workers in central London and achieve its target of building 700 new homes for social rent before 2026 as soon as possible

  • Explore joint ventures with social housing providers like the Guinness Trust and housing co-operatives to lead the way in providing new affordable homes

  • Improve the maintenance and refurbishment all of its homes, to restore residents’ pride in where they live and end 20 years of empty promises


Improving the environment and air quality

A vote for Labour is a vote to campaign for the Corporation to:

  • Work with Transport for London (TfL) to reduce the amount of traffic on City roads to improve road safety and air quality

  • Support the extension of the Labour Mayor of London's Toxicity Charge Zone and Low Emission Neighbourhood Schemes

  • Pedestrianise more City roads

  • Create more dedicated cycling lanes

  • Introduce more electric vehicle charging points

  • Move to green energy sources with set goals for all its properties, and incentivise all other property owners to do the same.

  • Protect the enjoyment of the City’s residential estates by ensuring any proposed developments put the interests of residents first

  • Encourage the greening of open spaces, particularly with pollution absorbing plants


Providing better educational opportunities 

A vote for Labour is a vote to insist that the Corporation:

  • Undertakes a full review of its educational provision both state and private.

  • Expands its Apprenticeship Scheme substantially, both to include a greater range of skills, and to train a greater number of young people


Making management by the Corporation more transparent and accountable

A vote for Labour is a vote to ensure that the Corporation: 

  • Provides greater transparency in reporting to residents and businesses on how it is run, and how it accounts for our money

  • Introduces better monitoring of its performance in managing projects that affect residents, including estate maintenance and refurbishment

  • Promotes greater diversity amongst the individuals governing and managing the City, our money and its services


Represent residents' and City workers' interests 

A vote for Labour is a vote to pressure the Corporation to:

  • Promote the real London Living Wage (currently £9.75p per hour) as a minimum for all City worker

  • Play an active role in Living Wage Week each Autumn

  • Develop policies to create greater income equality

  • Initiate Residents' Consultative Committees on all its housing estates, similar to that in the Barbican

  • Support small- and medium- size businesses that are struggling with business rate rises

  • Provide more small workshops and studio spaces on flexible terms


Providing integrated health and social care 

A vote for Labour is a vote to demand that the Corporation:

  • Implements plans for integration of health and social care provision to benefit all patients and service users

  • Delivers the nationally required but locally developed Sustainability and Transformation Plan to provide integrated care, reduced health inequalities and improved the quality of services, ensuring patient and public engagement in design and implementation

  • Utilises health and social care public monies to protect the city’s most vulnerable people

  • Nurtures and promotes good mental health in the workplace and wider community


Ending rough sleeping in the City

A vote for Labour is a vote to insist that the Corporation:

  • Pledges to open a shelter in the Square Mile as soon as possible to end the shame of rough sleeping in one of the richest neighbourhoods in the world

  • Undertakes an urgent review of the City Lodge project