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Local Elections

Jacqui Roberts Webster is our Labour Candidate for the Cripplegate Ward by election on 2 November 2023.

"I have lived in the City for nearly 14 years. This is my home and my community which I care about, and I believe I have the skills, experience, and passion to deliver meaningful representation to the people of this ward.

I have worked in the voluntary and community sector for over twenty years. I led on communications, community consultation and partnerships in a New Deal for Communities programme until 2010. Now as Chief Executive of a community development trust, we are tackling some of the most entrenched issues of poverty and inequality in our city.

Many issues affect the lives of residents and workers in the City, climate change, air pollution, rising costs of fuel, food and service charges, support for carers and for our most isolated and vulnerable residents, maintenance of our homes, and anti-social behaviour in public spaces, to name a few.

We want change for our communities, this can only be done together. I will be a campaigning councillor, working collaboratively with residents, resident groups, volunteers, and key stakeholders in our neighbourhood. I will work with Common Councillors to support our Cripplegate community to deliver changes and contribute to our City - the best place to live and work."

The City of London is not quite as other councils around the UK and one marked difference is that our local elections are not when the rest of the country has theirs.

One of the above mentioned differences is that also registered workers can vote. More info on these two websites: and

City of London Corporation has a long history is the oldest continuously active municipal democracy in the world, where aspects of its electoral system can be traced back to Saxon times.

The City of London is not a creature of statute but has existed from “time immemorial” (i.e. before 6 July 1192). There has been a directly elected deliberative assembly in the City of London since the days of the Saxon “folkmoot" when the citizens would gather at the tolling of the bell at St Paul’s Cross. King John confirmed upon them the right to elect their own mayor and in 1215 the City became a guarantor of Magna Carta. The City of London is sometimes described as “the mother of the Mother of Parliaments”.


There are 100 elected Common Councillor and 25 elected Aldersmen and of course the Lord Mayor in the Square Mile, and the Labour Party created history when William Campbell-Taylor got elected in a by-election in Portsoken March 2014 as a Labour candidate.

In 2017 we got five Labour Party members elected in Aldersgate, Cripplegate and Portsoken as well as seven Labour Party members in different business wards.  This was followed with a by-election victory in Castle Baynard in 2018 and then in Aldersgate in 2019.

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