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Please note that due to Covid-19 we cannot actively campaign as a Branch

Lana Joyce, our Labour candidate for Portsoken giving her opinion on the terrible development  that is 115-123 Houndsditch development 











    A Labour voice speaking up for         

   residents and SMEs in Portsoken

You can also read Fred Rodgers emergency motion on the subject here

and from our GLA representative Unmesh Desai here


On the 7th of October 2020 a new Mental Health Centre was opened by the Lord Mayor. 

The Wellbing Centre:

is the brainchild of councillor Matthew Bell and offers psychotherapy to all irrespective of income.

     Another Labour Initiative

On the 8th of October 2020 councillor Natasha LLoyd-Owen made a brave attempt to persuade Common Court to join the 65% of councils that have voted to acknowledge the Climate Crisis.

It was unfortunately for us all voted down but the struggle continues to hold the City to account on this for the many.

Here is a new website concerned with encouraging workers to use their vote in the City of London elections.

Check it out here: Very few workers in the City are registered to vote - our aim is to change that...

City Labour out campaigning for Lana Joyce in Portsoken





This is a nationwide campaign to save the NHS, which is now in the last throes of being privatised. 

Please sign the petition, spread far and wide and email your MP

Dom Hauschild and Lana Joyce getting a helping hand in Portsoken from MP Emily Thornberry. Go Labour!

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Frankie Leach, Ann Corbett and Natasha Lloyd-Owen out campaigning for Labour in Cripplegate

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