Candidates in Aldersgate

     Helen Fentimen was elected to common council in November 2019 in a by-election and is a resident in Aldersgate.

Helen is a Labour councillor for the ward of Aldersgate which is largely a residential ward with a small number of businesses.

She has lived in the City of London (Barbican) for 12 years having previously enjoyed a life long career in the NHS latterly as Chief Executive of a Primary Care Trust when she was awarded an OBE for services to healthcare.

As well as a Common Councillor,  Helen is a Magistrate in central London and Chair of Governors at Prior Weston Primary School and Childrens Centre. Her main interests are improving health, tackling inequalities and local policing.


She is currently supporting resident views on the development of London Wall West and the proposed changes to car park attendants/concierge service in the Barbican.


Helen is a member of the Mental Health and Well Being Centre Advisory Board.
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     Stephen Goodman is a resident of Aldersgate and has lived in the Barbican for 20 years. He was previously head of children's services at the London Borough of Hackney. He then ran a small business  advising authorities  both nationally and internationally on how to improve child protection services . In 2014 he was awarded an OBE for this work.


More recently Steve has formed a Community interest company working with mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi School students facilitating a greater understanding of the history of their home town.


Steve will be standing as a Labour candidate in his home ward of Aldersgate . He is particularly interested  in ensuring the Corporation of London listens more carefully and responds to the views of residents.


If elected he would  take a particular interest in the delivery of social services. 


He is keen to be engaged in how the Corporation responds  to the climate emergency and the emergent challenges facing the City in the light of changing work practices.  He would particularly like to encourage opportunities for start-ups and creative industries to be located and helped to thrive within the City.

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                                                            Candidates in Cripplegate


     Anne Corbett is a resident in the Ward of Cripplegate and has lived on the Golden Lane Estate for 15 years and works locally on the Golden Lane Campus as the head of a sensory service for children and young people with sensory needs in Islington. Previously she was the headteacher of Richard Cloudesley School on Golden Lane.   


As a community organiser and activist Anne has worked in her community to improve local  services for children and vulnerable groups. She is closely involved in the local projects to improve the lived environment and to address climate change.  Recently Anne was awarded Freedom of the City of London for her work in the Golden Lane Food Bank during the COVID lockdown.

Anne is committed to equality and the inclusion of all groups in decisions made by the City of London. She would like to see major improvement to living conditions on the Golden Lane Estate with decent home standards for all. At the heart of this a strong desire to see major changes  in the way in which the City of London manages its building improvement projects – including transparency and accountability.

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     Frances Leach is a resident of Cripplegate and has lived in the Barbican for two years now.


Frances is a communications professional in the international development sector, specialising in climate change, human rights and international relations.


She is a former Labour Party staff member, with experience sitting on international development working groups with The Common Wealth Network and UN Women U.K lobbying for U.K. advocacy solutions in the sector.


Frances is keen to work with the City of London corporation on pushing for green investments and divestments of fossil fuels, including with the Government's overseas development bank and finance group based in the City of London, the CDC.


She is also a masters student in political sciences at Birkbeck University.

She plans to support the industrial action taken by Cripplegate workers in the Barbican, bringing together local residents to support the car park attendants in the Barbican in their dispute with the corporation. She is also keen to work closely with the residents of Golden Lane estate to support them in their demands for safer and better housing

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     Natasha Lloyd-Owen is a resident of Cripplegate and has lived in the City of London for six years. She works as a criminal barrister at 25 Bedford Row Chambers.

She is a trained community mediator, was a lecturer on Transnational Criminal Justice and a member of JUSTICE's working party on ‘Mental health and fair trial’. 


Natasha was elected as a Labour councillor in the ward of Castle Baynard following a by-election in October 2018 and will be re-standing as a Labour candidate in her home ward of Cripplegate in March 2022. 


Natasha’s key focus areas are homelessness, youth services, mental ill-health and urgent action on climate change (for example, seeking to properly address the issue of embodied carbon in construction). She is committed to pushing the Corporation to conduct more meaningful engagement with residents, vastly increase its transparency and improve the diversity of its Council membership

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                                                           Candidates in Farringdon Within


     Gordon Nardell is a barrister practising in marine and onshore renewable energy and business regulation. He has worked in and around the City for nearly 30 years.


Gordon served as a councillor in an inner London Borough, campaigning alongside residents and businesses on planning, transport and housing issues.


He has worked with the Corporation and professional services sector pressing Government on post-Brexit trade and regulation.

Gordon is committed to improving transparency and local democracy for the City and making the Corporation a champion for green investment locally
and globally. 


Gordon was Labour's 2019 Parliamentary candidate for Cities of London and Westminster.

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                                                           Candidates in Farringdon Without

     Ellen Goodwin

     Jack Jenkins

                                                            Candidates in Portsoken:


     Lana Joyce is a retired lawyer who lives on the Middlesex Street Estate, Portsoken, in the City of London.  She lectured for many years at university level, including in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Australia, and Singapore.  She has practiced as a solicitor and most recently was the Senior Advisor on pensions to the Labor Party in the Australian Parliament.


Lana has a long history of involvement in movements for social justice, particularly, anti-racist and environmental movements. This has included work with the Australian indigenous community, asylum seekers, and campaigns to conserve outdoor space for the use of the public.

She would hope to put her experience to work to gain better conditions for social housing residents, particularly the upgrading and maintenance of housing, and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both residents and those who work in the City. 


Lana will work to change the culture of the City of London, encouraging it to communicate more effectively with residents and small businesses about its plans and actions, and to improve its accountancy and transparency.

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