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Labour taking the lead

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Back in May a number of Common Councillors signed an open letter to the Court of Common Council. This was an initiative led by some Labour Common Councillors. There was a significant amount of support for individual topics but many felt unable to sign up to the whole.

At a time when we are in a pandemic we are calling for the Corporation to review its priorities and consider issue by issue the priorities for the future. The letter is a start to prompt that thinking and we call on our voters to consider the City Plan which is currently subject to consultation and support the priorities outlined.

In particular, the environment and the need to act swiftly to secure the reductions in pollution and increase pedestrianization in the square mile.

Office space v affordable housing - the City Plan proposes an extra 2 million square metres of office space, while the London City Floorspace survey shows that the take up since February has reduced from 300,000 to 40,000 square feet.

Major business commentators and Bank of England spokespersons are predicting that Business delivery from offices will not return previous levels but the Corporation is doggedly sticking to its plans.

Affordable housing within the square mile is not a City priority, in response to a question I posed to the Chair of Planning and Transportation Committee, he said: “ The new City Plan will continue with the existing policy of refusing housing in locations where it would prejudice the primary business function of the City.”

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